Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SNIR (Studs Not In a Row)

You probably have not heard of this technique, SNIR Studs Not In a Row, very useful on walls and other things. In Lego, studs (nubs, dots, etc.) are in a row, and a straight one. Using SNIR  makes studs be in zigzags or diagonal lines. This technique comes very handy when fighting the BIG grey Wall Syndrome, (in previous post). As you can see, in this picture of someones moc, my own creation, (it's not my creation, that's why I said in this picture of "someone's" moc, so toc (their own creation), they used SNIR, I'm not sure if they new about it, or just did it because it was a cool pattern, but they used it, and make what would be a sort of boring picture, moc, or toc, an interesting creation. 

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