Saturday, August 27, 2011

Both City Advent and Star Wars Advent Calendars are out!

Theese new Advent calendars are sure to be a big hit, especially the Star Wars Advent, with their Santa yoda. The Star Wars Advent has 266 pieces, a few mini models, and eight minifigures. The City Advent Calendar is 232 pieces, some mini models, and nine minifigures. It's a good idea to pick for up some  for the Lego fanatics at home. These are awaysgood to add to any Lego builders collection.


  1. Do you happen to know the character's name... the guy has a grey face, tall grey hat, orange arms, red legs, and an hourglass type design on his chest. Trying to figure out who he is. Thanks!

  2. I think that's Nute Gunray, but I'll check.