Different Lego Series

There are many different Lego Series coming and going, right now I would say Star Wars is by far the most popular, same with Lego City. Many Lego Series have been discontinued so that the present Lego Series get more attention. Here are the major Lego Series: Star Wars definitely number one in my opinion, next I am going to guess Lego City, Lego Harry Potter, then Ninjago is in there, because of their new movie Pirates of The Caribbean, next maybe Atlantis, Technic is probably up there to, maybe some smaller sets like World Racers, Power Miners, Indiana Jones, Space Police, Pharaoh's Quest, Lego Games, and even some new sets that haven't got too popular yet, like Cars, or Alien Conquest. Lego.com is going to come out with more sets this year, and new Series.