Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Series 5 Lego Minifigure Decoding Cheat

Okay, I'm aware most of you know about the Lego Series, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 minifigures, but a smaller percentage of you know how to find out what minifigure is in the bag. Some of you might just ask a person that works there, others will take a random guess, and others just don't really care what they get. I'm about to tell you a way some people know. You have to feel what's inside the bag. You have to look with your fingers for the big or distinct pieces of the minifigure. Here's a list of how to get the right minifigure by feel.

Gladiator: He has a huge bulky helmet, but he’s also the only fig with a knife/sword. 

Evil Dwarf: The winged helmet is bulky, but so are the pieces for the Royal Guard & Gladiator, but make sure to feel the wings on the side of the helmet. The difference in the shield between the Gladiator’s is that the front of the Evil Dwarf’s is smooth.

Royal Guard: This guy should be easy because his HUGE hat. Check to feel the rifle to make sure.

Lumberjack: The only “baseball hat” in this series. His axe is easily recognizable. But be sure that you feel the attached axe head on the end, or it could be the Evil Dwarf’s axe handle.

Cave Woman: The bone is a dead giveaway, (like the pun?) the club is like the caveman's in series 2.

Detective: His hat is double billed, feel for the magnify glass to confirm.

Cleopatra: Huge wedge dress, and snake are easy to feel.

Ice Fisherman: The fish, and fishing pole are the giveaway here.

Small Clown: His bowler hat feels similar to the Detective’s hat. He also has a pie. Feel short legs with no hinge to confirm, may feel like Evil Dwarf's short legs.

Boxer: His that his boxing gloves are attached to his hands. He’s one of the toughest to find if you don’t know that small fact.

Zookeeper: I expect the monkey to be easy to feel, either that or the banana.

Graduate: He’s the only fig with a 2×2 tile and his graduation cap is what I'd use to confirm. It’s square, with 1 different feeling corner for the tassel and a little raised bump in the middle of the top.

Snowboarder Guy: Like the last two snowboarders, the snowboard gives it away.

Fitness Instructor: Big long hair, and the “boom box” feels like a brick with a handle.

Godzilla: The tail is attached on the back like a backpack, you might even need to feel for his head.

Gangster: This minifigure has the smallest part in the series, his pistol, look for that, or find his case.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Super Star Destoryer

This new set came out some days ago, but it doesn't come with many people, because the reason this set is priced so high is because of the ship. With over 3,000 pieces put together as a master Lego crafter would do it, this set weighs over 8 pounds, and is nearly 50 inches in length. Includes only five people, (much to my disappointment) Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar, Bossk, and IG-88. This set looks great, the top lifts off to reveal a command station. I would recommend this set if the price were lower.

I Recently went to Legoland!

I went on a vacation to visit my family, and I went to the Lego Store in Rockfeller Center in NY. Then later on that trip I went to Lego Land Mall of America, MN. I was looking around and saw many new things that I have posted about on this very blog. Firstly, I noticed many places in Mall of America's Legoland Series five Lego minifigures, I also had the experience of purchasing some of the new series of minifigures. I purchased three of the sixteen new minifigures, the dwarf, cavewoman, and Cleopatra. Also, I happened to see the new Star Wars Advent Calendar in the store. In my next post I hope to discuss the items in the Series 5 minifigure bags.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Both City Advent and Star Wars Advent Calendars are out!

Theese new Advent calendars are sure to be a big hit, especially the Star Wars Advent, with their Santa yoda. The Star Wars Advent has 266 pieces, a few mini models, and eight minifigures. The City Advent Calendar is 232 pieces, some mini models, and nine minifigures. It's a good idea to pick for up some  for the Lego fanatics at home. These are awaysgood to add to any Lego builders collection.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lego is Shipping Series 5!

Lego is shipping Series 5 all over the world! Not much wait left before I will have some of these in my collection.   As usual, you are limited to 16 packages. After the dot (bump) codes are decoded by someone I will post about the dot (bump) codes so, you can guess what your buying. Also, you should never always rely on the dot (bump) codes, and should rely a little on feeling the packages, look for the big and bulky pieces, those are the easiest. Also the pieces most unique.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Friend has a Book Giveaway!

Hey Lego enthusiasts, I have a friend who is having an awesome book giveaway, he has a blog about reading and reads quite frequently. Here's a link to his blog

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Lego Set 7958 Star Wars Advent Calendar!

If you have been a Lego fan for a long time like me, you may have noticed Lego City Advent Calendars in the past year. This yeqar Lego stepped up to yet another level, and brings out Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, made to please both Star Wars fans, and Advent Calendar collectors. Includes 8 minifigures a Santa Yoda!? micro scale Millennuim Falcon, a mini x-wing fighter, and 14 other Star Wars or Chirstmas related models. This set is now availible at LEGO Star Wars 7958 Advent Calendar on Amazon for $39.99, better pick some up for all your Star Wars fans at home.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lego Technique Diagonal Stripping

This technique is generally used on buildings. When using the Diagonal Stripping Technique you cannot just place the normal and inverted brick slope bricks casually against each other, because of the overlap. Slope bricks are available in a variety of colors. These slope bricks are quite common and are great to be used on a Lego model.

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Lego Volkswagen Van Set 10220, not yet released!

A real looking Lego Volkswagan Van complete with authentic interior. Includes 11 windows, a sink, some chairs, a few curtains, and a steering wheel. Also includes 1,332 pieces. On the outside is terrific detail with the "V" shaped three way color split, opening and closing doors. This set was originally priced for $99.99, but sadly after some reconsideration they moved the price to $119.99. This set is supposed to come out in October, so it's going to be an expensive month. I would like to get this set, but for me it's too pricey, and besides, I have a castle theme going on. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Ninjago Wyplash Set 2175!

This new Ninjago Battle Pack hit Lego stores on August 11. This Battle Pack includes three weapons, four battle cards to influence the outcome of a battle, one character card, also includes ice optic spinner, and three light blue pieces. If your a Ninjago fan I definitely think you should consider to add this to your Ninjago collection.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SNIR (Studs Not In a Row)

You probably have not heard of this technique, SNIR Studs Not In a Row, very useful on walls and other things. In Lego, studs (nubs, dots, etc.) are in a row, and a straight one. Using SNIR  makes studs be in zigzags or diagonal lines. This technique comes very handy when fighting the BIG grey Wall Syndrome, (in previous post). As you can see, in this picture of someones moc, my own creation, (it's not my creation, that's why I said in this picture of "someone's" moc, so toc (their own creation), they used SNIR, I'm not sure if they new about it, or just did it because it was a cool pattern, but they used it, and make what would be a sort of boring picture, moc, or toc, an interesting creation. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lego Diagon Alley has Recently been Dis-continued!

Diagon Alley has been dis-continued by, with the saying, "out with the old, in with the new", is making way for new products and clearing away those who haven't sold out. It's too bad because this looks like a good build, and if it was out longer I might be wanting to buy it myself. The Diagon Alley set includes 11 minifigures, 3 stores, Borgen and Burkes, Olivanders (complete with an exploding desk, whenever the spell goes wrong), and Gringots, the wizard bank. It also includes 2025 pieces. This looks like a good build, especially for Gringots and its "wonky" support towers. As I said before if out longer I would be urged to buy this set, but since it was dis-continued, good luck buying, and finding off of eBay, because lots of Harry Potter fans will be doing the same.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Ninjago Blacksmith Shop!

This new Ninjago Blacksmith Shop is a great addition to any Lego enthusiast's collection. The set includes ten weapons, a chicken leg, 2 minifigures (Kai and General Kruncha), this set is a 189 pieces, and swivel wall to reveal a hidden stash of weapons, I'm not really a fan of Ninjago as I have said before I like castle, but I would like to get this set both for the pieces, and for the good build, have not purchased yet but I plan on it. All and all this is a good build.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Antidote for the BIG Grey Wall Syndrome

Okay, another technique coming your way... it's the antidote for the BIG grey wall syndrome, using interesting pieces to make the wall different, used in the Castle With Many Techniques. A way to stop the BIG grey wall syndrome is to use different colors of pieces, in my castle I used brown, and dark grey, as well as light grey. Other ways include using different pieces like cylinders, and brown pieces that unlike normal 1x2 and 1x4 bricks, they have a little cut away so it looks like they are wood. In the second photo I have used the antidote for the big grey wall syndrome, un-like photo number 1.