Sunday, December 25, 2011

Instructions On How To Build Lego Angry Birds

Well hello, today I finally came around and made a video of how to build Lego angry birds, this is only instructions for the red bird, and I made these instructions from how to build a Lego ornament, but altered them, so these instructions are my own, and would like it if you shared them around, but not make videos unless you give me credit by mentioning my blog.


  1. Nice this is the best example of how to build the angry bird using lego.. do you have any other examples of birds

    1. Thank you for your compliment, yes I have made other Angry Birds, including the white egg-dropping bird, along with the black bird, but it doesn't explode.

      All you have to do to convert the red bird to the black bird is to change the color of the exterior pieces to black, the eyes stay the same, along with the eyebrows, change the beak to a 1x2 orange. Then focus on the top of the head. After removing the plates with the wedges on them, change the 1x2 and jumper plate so the jumper plate faces forward. Stack three black circle dots on top of each other, then place one yellow dot on the top of that and place that on the jumper plate. Try to make that curve forward by adjusting how the dots sit on each other. If that answers your question great! if not, I might be able to help you further. Also, you can ask me for instructions for the white bird... it actually drops the bomb!

  2. Great instructions for building angry birds. Love the creation.