Monday, March 26, 2012


There's a really great Lego Mindstorm Class I have been going to. So far I'm learning how to use the older version of Mindstorms, like programming and learning how the older Mindstorms are different from the Mindstorms I'm use to. While I've been at the Mindstorm Class I have learned about a different type of Mindstorm, it's a lot like Mindstorm but you can't program it, and it only has one motor. What really gets me about the Droid Developer is that with only one motor you have to learn how to make a number of things move, using gears, pulleys, and cams. It's been four sessions with JCS teacher Mr. Miller helping kids find pieces, sort out building instructions, and of course have fun. I have enjoyed my time there building and I look forward to the coming sessions. The robot I have built/building is made from the Dark Side Developer Kit. This is a video of what I've built/building:  
The YMCA in Port Townsend, Washington is hosting a Mindstorm Camp over Spring break that is April 2-6, 9:00-12:00 to find more about this camp contact the Y Blue Heron Office: 360-379-4268 Jefferson County YMCA P.O. Box 1637 Port Townsend, WA 98368

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lego Labyrinth Game WIP (Work in progress)

Almost all my Lego time has been devoted to a WIP (work in progress) that I have called the Lego Labyrinth Game. So far, I think it has turned out well. I've even got player cards showing the health, special attacks, and power. I started with some small squares I halfheartedly built by placing pieces on pieces, but now I think I have created a nice game. It's really quite a bit different from's Lego Labyrinth. I'm beginning to place traps in the second floor like the snake pit.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Set 10224 Town Hall is Realesed!

This is another one of Lego's town pieces along with the Pet Shop, Grand Emporuim, Fire Brigade, Green Grocer, Cafe Corner, and all those other town sets. This set comes with  2766  pieces, and eight minifigures. Interesting features on this set include: the lettering (a form of S.N.O.T.), also, the flower pots are a great addition to the heathy atmosphere, and same with the balcony, and the flower boxes, everything adds up to a great set. This is quite a well built set, but as Lego's are it's pricy, this set is $199.99, but all in all it looks very good!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Series 7 Minifigures Are Almost Here!

Series seven comes into stores around May 1st. These new minifigures look like some of the best yet, with some unique elements like the bagpipes, or the bunny hat, or even the Aztec Warrior's headgear. From what I can see the minifigures are (from left to right starting back):
Computer Geek: doesn't have a bulky accessory, so feel for either nothing or the small tablet.

Bride: dress is a dead giveaway (only one in the group).

Daredevil: I think the helmet would help you to find this minifigure.

Viking Lady: the shield, sword, and  helmet, should make this an easy find. Do NOT confuse with the Aztec
Warrior, (shield) or Dark Knight (sword) feel for the helmet to confirm.

Tarazan: feel the monkey!

Easter Bunny: feel the ears or the carrot to confirm.

Olympic Gold-medalist Swimmer: not much to feel on this, feel the swim cap, make sure that it's not the
Computer Geek.

Tennis Ace: feel the racket it's the racket in Series 3 Tennis Player, but a dark blue instead of white.

Rockstar: the electric guitar should be easy, same as Series 4 Punk Rocker, but white.

Aztec Warrior: the headpiece should be easy to find, or the spear, or shield, make sure the shield isn't the Viking Lady's!

Bagpiper: the bagpipes here seem the obviously the correct choice, but I think the hat because I'm not sure about the cloth bag or the bagpipe drone, so I would feel for the hat.

Cyborg: the armor on this Cyborg is quite a bulky Lego piece, so feeling this guy's equipment should make it an easy find.

Hippie: hair and flowers are the pieces here to find, if you feel the flowers, check for a dress, because you could be holding a Bride. Peace out dude!

Dark Knight: the headpiece is quite a diverse piece from the rest, save maybe for the Cyborg, the shield should help you here to find this guy, make sure it's not Viking Lady's shield, or the Aztec for that matter. Feel sword to confirm.

Red Riding Hood: our little red shouldn't give you much trouble, the basket and hood are really the ones to thank.

Poseidon/Neptune: well, the god of the sea not in either Greek or Roman but in Lego has a reused mermaid's tale from the Jack Sparrow movie Pirates of the Caribbean, with an unique print, also has a trident, and a great crown.

These all look great! I will most likely buy Poseidon, Red Riding Hood, Dark Knight, Aztec Warrior, Bride, Hippie, Viking Lady, and maybe the Easter Bunny. To use in Mocs. Well happy hunting!