Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angry Birds in Lego!

While away on Winter Break, I had lots of time to use for building new Lego things, and I discovered a way to make an angry bird, most of you are probably familiar with the app, angry birds. It's an app where pigs have stolen some birds eggs and they're angry. But what I did was I made an Lego ornament from instructions online ans slightly modified them to make them angry birds, of course they're not as good as Tsnag Yui Keung's birds, but they're, in my mind pretty good, for an eleven-year-old boy. Here's the link for making an ornament.

Tsang Yiu Keung’s birds

My birds


  1. They look fabulous!! How could I make them? Can you show us?

  2. I've made a video too. It's in the right-hand side bar under "Popular Posts." -Owner