Friday, March 23, 2012

Lego Labyrinth Game WIP (Work in progress)

Almost all my Lego time has been devoted to a WIP (work in progress) that I have called the Lego Labyrinth Game. So far, I think it has turned out well. I've even got player cards showing the health, special attacks, and power. I started with some small squares I halfheartedly built by placing pieces on pieces, but now I think I have created a nice game. It's really quite a bit different from's Lego Labyrinth. I'm beginning to place traps in the second floor like the snake pit.

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  1. Here are the rules for the game.

    Rules to the Lego Game Labyrinth
    By the creator, Ben Seran

    1. Look at the player cards, (red is health, blue is special attack, and light green is strength) and decide which player you want to be.

    2. Roll the die before beginning the game to decide on who goes first.

    3. After deciding who goes first, place your player anywhere on the board, (make sure there are no Monsters of the Maze, or other players in that square) and begin the game.

    4. The player who has been decided to go first can move his guy to a nearby square, and then it's the next players turn!

    5. Soon you will run into Monsters of the Maze, which you can fight, as well as other players.

    6. When you run into Monsters of the Maze, you can fight them with your special attack, in which case, you would roll the die. If your roll comes up either a 1,2, or a 3, attack fails, and you lose a special attack piece. Note: in any combat win or lose the attacker loses a special attack piece.

    7. If your attack comes up 4 or 5, your attack is successful, but they can try to block it.

    8. When you roll to attack and you get a 6, it instantly kills Monsters of the Maze, but does 10 damage to other players, (2 health pieces).

    9. If you have been attacked and they got a 4 or 5, you can try to block it, so you roll the die and if you get a 1,2, or a 3 your block has failed and you lose a health piece.

    10. If your roll comes up 4 or 5 you are able to block it and the game proceeds, (other special player attributes apply).

    11. If your player has lost special attacks, in attacks (or failed attacks) they can go up to the top of the tower over a series of turns and stay until they have reached their maximum special attack pieces. Note: there is no fighting on the tower.

    12. If your player has depleted all special attacks, you can use strength pieces (light green) to fight, unlike special attacks, where you roll the die, you do the damage shown on your player card. Note: only players can block strength attacks.

    13. If you are attacking a Monster of the Maze, they can block after you attack, but because they have no turn, after you have finished attacking them, they can retaliate by somebody (maybe the next player) rolls the dice and do the same for finding the result as players. Note: Monsters of the Maze also lose special attack pieces.

    14. Most importantly have fun! Actually I just didn't want to leave you with an unlucky number of rules to start the game with, because it might not be a good sign for things to come!