Friday, August 24, 2012

Lego Minifigure Series 8

These 16 new minifigures just came into stores a few days ago, and these look like the most widespread group of characters Lego has released yet! From left to right (back row first) they are:

Business man: hat and the suitcase, the newspaper is exactly like the DJ's, if you do feel the tile feel the suitcase to confirm.

Football player: HIKE! This football player has a nice big trophy for our convenience of feeling him.

Cheerleader: Give me a L E G O yay!the pom-poms should make this an easy find!

Alien Queen (from Alien Conquest): The only minifigure in the bunch with a dress, and cape, and a brilliant mind planning to destroy the universe! Like Pinky and the Brain, but on a universal scale!

Conquistador: The Conquistador carries the Musketeer's sword, make sure it's thinner than the Evil Robot's laser!

Evil Robot: I don't understand why they are always evil! The laser gun should help here, make sure to feel the tube to confirm it's not the Alien Queen!

Lederhosen Guy: A giant pretzel? well now we know what minifigure this is!

Fairy: The magic wand, wings and interesting hairdo should make this one rather easy to find. Make sure the wings aren't those of the Vampire Bat, feel wand or hair piece to confirm.

Cowgirl: The lasso and the hat make this find a quickie!

DJ: Find the smooth plates of the record and the other smooth plate, make sure you feel the record to confirm it's not the business man's newspaper!

Vampire Bat (from Monster fighters): His arms are sort of an odd shape, and in the package aren't attached to the torso, so if you find a body with no arms it's most likely the Vampire Bat!

Diver: He carries a spear gun and wears a bulky piece of headgear which should help in the search for him.

Pirate Captain: Every swashbuckling scoundrel has a sword and a fancy hat to boot, making this a rather easy find.

Downhill skier: The skis or the poles would make this a dead giveaway!

Santa Claus: His bag full of goodies, beard, and hat should help.

Actor: The second head should make finding him easier. Try to be sure there not pom-poms!

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