Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Sets and Minifigure Series!

Last week I went to a store that sells Lego's and was pleasantly surprised when I saw lots of new sets, minifigures, booster packs, and many more things. I looked around for awhile looking through the new series 6 minfigures. I think that this new series of Lego minifigures are better than all the other years. In the store I was at the owner said that the minfigures had been in the store for a few weeks, but still, I saw that there was a crowd of people pawing through the new minigures. I bought the Minotaur.

Other things I saw were the new Star Wars sets, including the Millenuim Falcon, Elite Clone Trooper Droid Battle Pack, Droid Escape, Geonosian Cannon,  the new Planet Sets, and some other Star Wars sets.

I also saw some new Ninjago sets. I got the Kendo Cole 9551 set, I have said that I'm not a Ninjago fan, and it''s true, I'm not, but this set I could not resist, because of the nice weapons, and the new Ninajgo armor. The other Ninjago sets I saw were Venomari Shrine, Kendo Cole, Lloyd Garmadon, and some other sets.

I also saw some of the new Dinosaur sets, which looked okay.

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