Wednesday, October 26, 2011

List of LEGO Sets About to Come out!

Many new sets about to be released from different series. One new set from Star Wars, is the set 9491 Geonosis Cannon, aside from having four minifgures and a cool looking set, not too much like how many pieces it has, also the price is unknown to the public. Next two sets from Racers set 9094 Star Striker, and 9095 Nitro Preadator, aren't exactly my "type" of set. Then we have quite a few Ninjago sets seven in fact, and here they are: Destiny's Bounty featuring a great detailed warship, Fangpyre Truck Ambush with a snakish-car-thing, I'm actually not sure which it is, Cole's Tread Assault with a cool black tank, Rattlecopter with an intricate design, Jay's Storm Fighter with an awesome blue plane, Kai's Blade Cycle with and last but not least, the Venomari Shrine with many cool snakes.  

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